Let’s Talk PeopleSoft On Cloud

Let’s Talk PeopleSoft On Cloud

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    Oracle Cloud delivers 2-10x faster PeopleSoft performance than on-prem

    Build your path to better PeopleSoft performance with Astute on Cloud

    With a seamless migration for on-premises PeopleSoft deployments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that don’t require you to change business processes—it’s painless to achieve the increased performance that OCI offers.

    With a seamless migration for on-premises PeopleSoft deployments to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) that don’t require you to change business processes—it’s painless to achieve the increased performance that OCI offers.

    Compared to Azure, OCI offers:

    • Higher resilience and availability
    • Reduced jitter, lower latency, higher packets-per-second, and lower CPU overhead
    • A better ability to match resources to workloads

    As experts with decades of experience in PeopleSoft and Oracle, Astute Business Solutions is the right team for your cloud migration.


    1-Click Upgrade for PeopleSoft—only on Oracle Cloud

    Automated upgrades, patches, clones, and backups with Astute and PeopleSoft Cloud Manager

    PeopleSoft Cloud Manager is a free application pillar for any licensed PeopleSoft customer, but is only available on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. No other Cloud provider can match the functionality that PeopleSoft Cloud Manager provides:

    • Automated Lift & Shift from on-premises to Cloud
    • Templates for deploying PeopleSoft applications
    • Self-service application deployment
    • Automated upgrades and application maintenance

    PeopleSoft Cloud Manager helps you take advantage of what Oracle Cloud has to offer with built-in support, simplified provisioning, and automated monitoring setup. Our team at Astute Business Solutions understands exactly how to get you implemented and operationalized with PeopleSoft Cloud Manager with no hiccups.


    Reduce your PeopleSoft Costs by up to 50%

    We’ll help you save up to 50% on your total cost of ownership (TCO) by moving PeopleSoft to the Cloud

    Many factors contribute to the total costs of your PeopleSoft environment overtime, including: servers, storage, facilities, BYO software, subscriptions, staffing, productivity, and operations. When you move PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, those costs are going down.

    You’ll spend significantly less on:

    • Hardware maintenance and new purchases
    • Application maintenance
    • Scaling and managing data capacity

    However, many variables go into how much you’ll save, such as your business processes and technical debt; and you won’t get the best results unless you have the right team. We’ve helped over 30 companies move PeopleSoft to Oracle Cloud with great results, including Chaucer LLC, who we helped achieve 30% savings on TCO with a 25% boost in performance.

    Our team can help you perform a detailed TCO analysis and create a strong business case for Cloud migration that shows exactly how much you can expect to save.


    OCI Delivers Unmatched Cybersecurity

    Oracle Cloud delivers better security and data protection than others can provide

    Cloud-based security and on-premises security are completely different. On-premises security is up to the work your data center managers put in and the costly hardware investments you make. Cloud-based security comes from the quality of the 3rd party data center you choose which is why we recommend you choose a highly secure provider like Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

    OCI is built with a security-first approach that provides enhanced security features that others providers like AWS and Azure don’t, including:

    • Procedures like user risk assessments, configuration assessments, sensitive data reporting, activity audit reporting, and data masking.
    • Reduced potential for external invasions with data assets isolated from both customers and Oracle Staff.
    • Defense against lateral attacks between different workloads by isolating your workloads from others—without slowing down workflow integrations.

    Not only is OCI the most secure option, it’s also the most cost-efficient compared to both on-premises and other Cloud providers. This is especially true when it’s implemented correctly—which is where our team excels. Astute managed security service provides information security and risk management, both as a service, to ensure your PeopleSoft data is protected at all times.

    Joe Finlinson
    Joe Finlinson

    Joe has a deep background in technology and business systems, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and a master’s degree in computer information systems. He is comfortable and competent at any stage and level of a project, is ITIL certified, and holds the Computer Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP), providing him with a solid framework for the provisioning of IT Services and Cybersecurity. A customer advocate and strategic thinker, Joe enjoys working on technical projects and opportunities to help clients, across all sectors and company sizes, optimize technology investment to provide the right solutions to the challenges businesses face.


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