Stabilize VMware Costs & Simplify Your Cloud Transition

Stabilize VMware Costs & Simplify Your Cloud Transition

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    Broadcom recently bought VMware, which is bringing change for the vmware product and vmware solution as a whole. This includes higher costs and more uncertainty about VMware's future.

    Astute Business Solutions is working with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) to help with changes. They have a plan to keep your VMware costs the same for up to six years after switching to the cloud.

    Addressing Post-Acquisition Concerns with VMware Expertise

    The recent acquisition of VMware has led to widespread discussions about the company's pricing and service reliability. This highlights the importance of having predictable costs and stable operations in the industry.

    Astute Business Solutions meets these needs by hiring engineers who have completed vmware certification, and are experts at managing vmware environments. Oracle cloud ensures your VMware infrastructure expenses stay consistent. This strategy helps companies avoid negative effects of acquisitions. It also protects investments in VMware from potential cost increases in the future. Whether you are using VMWare vsphere, VMWare nsx, or virtual desktops, the Astute/Oracle team has the skill you need to provide you with stability.

    Guarantee Price Stability with VMware Expertise

    Transitioning to Oracle Cloud VMware Service on OCI enables organizations to bypass the financial uncertainty brought about by Broadcom's acquisition. Secure your costs by locking in fixed rates before purchasing VMware. This will give your company a stable and predictable budget for the next three to six years.

    This will also help prevent sudden price increases and ensure continuous service delivery. This will help alleviate worries about sudden price increases and ensure non-stop service delivery.

    Streamlining Cloud Migration Leveraging VMware Skills

    Oracle Cloud Infrastructure now provides a simple way to move VMware workloads. This is in response to the demand for a dependable cloud migration plan following an acquisition. This straightforward approach helps with transitioning to the cloud and takes advantage of your team's existing VMware knowledge. OCI makes it easy to move to the cloud without requiring extra training or changes.

    Efficient Migration Utilizing Existing VMware Expertise

    Oracle Cloud simplifies the migration of VMware environments, allowing businesses to relocate their existing workloads without requiring complex changes. This method leverages the VMware expertise your team possesses, ensuring that the transition utilizes familiar tools and procedures. The outcome is a seamless migration process that aligns with your team's existing skills.

    You've already invested in your team's VMWare expertise, including vsphere training, vcenter training, and esxi training. Switching to the cloud doesn’t mean losing the best VMware training your team has received, they will be able to bring all of their vmware learning to the cloud.

    Leverage Expertise During Uncertain Times

    Astute Business Solutions and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure are working together to solve the problems caused by VMware's new ownership." The partnership offers an easy and cost-effective way to move VMware services to OCI while maintaining stable prices. This demonstrates support for clients during times of change and uncertainty.

    Convert Uncertainty Into Opportunity

    With Astute Business Solutions and Oracle Cloud, your organization can transform the challenges associated with the VMware acquisition into opportunities for growth and stability. Locking in VMware costs can help you plan your budget and ensure your cloud infrastructure runs smoothly. This can make your business more adaptable to changes in the industry.

    Predicting your finances and keeping your cloud infrastructure running smoothly are important for business success. Astute's VMWare certified team has all of the knowledge and expertise you need to have a smooth transition.

    Navigating Forward with Confidence

    The acquisition of VMware by Broadcom has undoubtedly stirred concerns among VMware users globally. In this environment, Astute Business Solutions and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure carve out a reliable pathway forward.

    They suggest a cost-effective and strategic approach. This approach allows you to keep your previous VMware rates and makes the cloud migration process more efficient. Seize this opportunity to safeguard your VMware investments and confidently step into the post-acquisition era.

    Joe Finlinson
    Joe Finlinson

    Joe has a deep background in technology and business systems, with a bachelor’s degree in computer science, and a master’s degree in computer information systems. He is comfortable and competent at any stage and level of a project, is ITIL certified, and holds the Computer Information Systems Security Professional certification (CISSP), providing him with a solid framework for the provisioning of IT Services and Cybersecurity. A customer advocate and strategic thinker, Joe enjoys working on technical projects and opportunities to help clients, across all sectors and company sizes, optimize technology investment to provide the right solutions to the challenges businesses face.


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